Super Video Heroes: Louderbeck and Belmont Leave Respective News Outfits

Well this is an odd lumpkin of news. Jim Louderbeck, PC Magazine (“The Magazine You No Longer Read”) EIC, has been replaced by Lance Ulanoff, PC Mag’s reviews editor. Louderbeck, who launched TechTV back when there was still money in the media world, appears to be headed to video site Revision3.

Then, CNET hostess with the mostest Veronica Belmont, quit to work with Jason Calacanis at his search thingie Mahalo and that CNET fired its video team. Generally, I wouldn’t post all this fancy rumor-mongering, but this whole shuffle is so strange that it deserves a second look. I’ll keep my eyes open to see where/how/what these kids do in the next few months, especially considering that Jason new has sleepovers with Michael on a regular basis.

Old Media Jumping to New Media [NewTeeVee]