SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: RECCO, Avalanche Rescue System


RECCO is an avalanche rescue system that’s used by more than 500 rescue organizations around the world. The RECCO reflector, pictured above, is fully integrated into the latest snow/ski gear, and in the unfortunate case you’re trapped under an avalanche you’ll e rescued a lot sooner. The RECCO system utilizes harmonic radar between the detector and reflector, which gives you swift directional pinpointing of victims within 200 meters. The working depth through snow is 20 meters. While it won’t replace transceivers it acts as a complementary search tool, so rescuers can you find you faster. The work done by dozens of volunteers to find victims may take hours, but a single person using the RECCO system can find you in about 20 minutes. RECCO can be found in most of your favorite winter gear manufacturers like Salomon, Oakley, The North Face, Rip Curl, Helly Hansen, Nike ACG, Vans, Quiksilver, Sessions and a whole lot more.



RECCO integrated into the pant leg of a pair of Sessions snowboard pants