SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: Bern, The Only Helmet You'll Ever Need


Bern is a small time outfit doing big, big things in the helmet world and CrunchGear always roots for the little guy. Bern made a name for themselves at the Torino Olympics when team rider Seth Wescott won the Olympic Gold in Snowboardcross. Umm, OK? He was sporting a Bern lid that had a baseball-cap-like bill that is so damn cool.

What’s great about Bern is that you only need to get one helmet for any sport you like to dabble in and just replace the lining when you’re going from the kayak to your skateboard, for example. You can choose from a wide variety of linings for cold weather or warm weather that includes a baseball cap bill, a beanie, bandanna and a few other choices. But that’s not why a Bern helmet will be the only one you’ll ever need.

Most helmets have a shelf life of one good knock to the head before you need to buy another, but not Bern. Because of a special liquid EPS foam technology they’ve dubbed ‘Zip Mold’ your helmet will be able to sustain more than one crack to the noggin before you need to purchase another one. Another reason and probably the biggest selling point is that the foam doesn’t absorb water in any way. In fact, any moisture is wicked away, so the lining of the helmet stays dry, which is why kayakers and wakeboarders are really digging on these helmets. The fit of the helmet was astonishing. It didn’t feel stiff like most skate helmets do. It was a bit squishy and it molds to your skull for a perfect fit. All Bern helmets have a ‘sink fit’ for a low profile look that doesn’t make you look so dorky.


Bern also has your audiophile needs covered with ‘8 tracks’, an audio system that’s integrated into the cold weather kit. They also make helmets for women and children covering the whole gamut. Check em out, it’s just three guys in a barn making helmets that kick major ass.