BitLord Interviews Brokep From TPB

Just came across this fantastic interview that BitLord conducted with Brokep from The Pirate Bay. In the interview, the head of the world’s most popular Bit Torrent tracker discusses spreading piracy, profits and piracy, and lots more. Brokep discusses how over 50% of all torrents originate from The Pirate Bay and how free use of files and copyrights will lead to free use of piracy globally.

During the interview, the Swedish government is brought up and Brokep discusses with BitLord how it’s such a waste of money to use countermeasures against piracy. Couldn’t agree more. Why not invest that money into schools and healthcare? Or chorizo. Mmmm, chorizo. Peep the video for an insight into one of the most important minds in the world of piracy.

Official Interview [BitLord]