Japan Knows How to Sell Mobile Phones

japanstore.jpgIt seems that this is the time for those in the mobile scene to hit the road. While I am sorry to report that I didn’t bring back any images of mobile phone stores from England or France (I must have been busy trying to actually enjoy a vacation), I’m seeing that James Quintana Pearce over at mocoNews did take some time to snap photos of mobile stores in Japan. Having been to Japan in the past I can attest that they take consumer electronics, and especially phones, very seriously!

More importantly James does suggest that we might be closing the gap as the phones he saw for sale aren’t that much more advanced than what we’re doing. I’m not sure what James expected, but honestly what else do you want the phone to do. Still he gives some good insight on what we’ll be seeing in the next year or year and half. Consider it a look into the future from our friends at mocoNews.

A Quick Peek At Japanese Mobile Stores [mocoNews]