10 Things You Didn't Know About Leopard: Rounded Corners For the Win


Leopard will soon be purring on a Mac near you, but I bet you didn’t know that its window corners are rounded. Nor did you know that the contextual menu (when you right-click something) has additional entries in it like “Automator” and “Send [picture] to Bluetooth device.” Did you know, smarty pants? APC Mag compiled a list of 10 things “you didn’t know about Leopard” and while I’d wager that you do, in fact, know more than a few of them, you really do have to respect the attention to detail that APC paid. I never even looked at the corners of my windows before!

What I learned: iCal doesn’t suck as much as it does on Tiger. That’s a Godsend because my calendar is totally booked, if you know what I mean.

Ten things you didn’t know about Leopard [APC Magazine]