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So without further ado, here are your top 3 comments for today.

Ezekiel landed first after schooling Vince on WWII history.

Vince, Heineken is from Holland, not Germany.

Holland declared neutrality during WWI and WWII. Maybe you need to play some more of those WWII games… Just kidding. We all know you’re sitting at the genius bar.

yoshi‘s comment produced a few chuckles.

Issue new policies or we will have no choice but to issue another press release! This is your only warning!

Brian expressed his outrage with the whole $80 iPhone battery nonsense.

I’m more inclined to get upset at the former rather than the latter. How do companies get off charging so much for a battery?

I don’t care that they didn’t announce replacement plans beforehand. Everyone knew the battery wouldn’t be user-replaceable, just like the iPod, so no-one should have expected to be able to do it themselves. Furthermore, I doubt most people’s purchasing decision would have been altered at knowing that it would cost $80 to replace it.