Apple Causing Flash Memory Prices To Jump

Remember how about a year ago, the big news was that NAND flash memory prices were dropping and iPods were getting cheaper? Yeah, well thanks to the iPhone and new iPods that are due out later this year, Apple is causing the flash memory industry to raise its prices again. It makes sense. There’s a hot product on the market selling like hotcakes and it uses flash memory. You do the math.

Right now, the market is flooded, so you can still get your SD card or iPod Nano on for cheap. But come early 2008 and a new iPod, you’ll see. Soon the best deal on a 256MB memory card will be $50 and iPod Shuffles will be worth the cost of an Aston Martin! It’s true lunacy I tell you!

iPhone, New iPods to Increase Flash Prices [Yahoo! News]