Corega Portable iPod Shuffle Speakers


The iPod Shuffle is among my favorite DAPs, mainly because I listen to the same ~100 songs over and over again and have no need for higher-capacity DAPs. But if I ever wanted to share my favorite songs with someone else, I’d need something like these tiny speakers from Corega Japan. Clearly they’re not intended to “raise the roof” or anything, what with they’re measly 0.5 watt output, but they’ll do in a pinch. (A pinch, here, could only be defined as a point in time where you want to play music to a half dozen people and have no access to a real sound system.)

I mean, look, they’re only $30. So in those really specific situations, they’ll do fine when they’re available later this month. I’d get a pair just to say I had one.

Coreage portable speaker system for iPod shuffle []