A History Of The Compact Disc

SiliconUser has a great piece on the history of the Compact Disc. The most popular music medium to date, the CD actually has quite a complex history that makes for a great read. Turns out the idea for the Compact Disc was born in the 1960s and eventually evolved into a combination of emerging technologies. By 1979, a working prototype was shown off in both Europe and Japan with Sony and Philips backing the new format.

Although CDs didn’t become commonplace until the 1990s, the first CD player in 1982 wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. At $900 with discs costing about $30 a pop, even with inflation it’s still a somewhat affordable stereo component that started making its way into homes everywhere. Hit the link below and give it a ready. I think it’ll force you to appreciate the Compact Disc a lot more.

History of the Compact Disc [Silicon User]