Contra 4 Poster Appears In Magazine

I’m pretty sure there are more people reading Cat Anus Weekly than Nintendo Power, though I could be wrong on that one. However, this month’s Power revealed an awesome, gigantic Contra 4 poster complete with Bill and Lance ready to kick some mutant ass. However, Konami’s penchant for buff dudes from 1980s films is seriously getting out of control.

Look at the dude on the bottom left and you’ll see John Rambo. Next to him is Arnold’s character from Predator and up in the top-right corner is Carl Weathers from Predator. Not really sure about the thuggin’ dude on the left, though he does kind of resemble Vin Diesel. Either way, they all have guns, grenades, and a huge alien in the background ready to eat their feet. I’m pretty excited.

Nintendo Power poster: Contra 4 porn [DS Fanboy]