Here are a few comments that made us LOL. We’ve got another CrunchDunce winner too. Remember folks, typing out an entire comment in CAPS does not make you any louder or smarter. You know who you are…

It’s been three days since iDay and the iPhone hoopla is still bringing in comments. Jason Green gave us a taste of what he thought about all this craziness, and that put him in first.

Honestly, anyone who buys a product without reading a range of comprehensive product reviews is a moron. I like to think of people who have this blind devotion to any product brand as being afflicted by “Brand Psychosis”. The iPhone is not the frst convergence device, and it won’t be the last.. There are other products on the market that do everything (and more) than that of this over-hyped P.O.S.

Brian offered his prayers to the guy who would have to live, get this, a whole day without a phone.

“….I would be without a phone for almost a whole day….”

How horrible, I do hope you survived this devastating tragedy.

Raoul made fun of a celebrity. Naturally, he gets a spot.

Just look at those filthy fingernails… You’d think she could afford to wash her hands and scrub under those fake plastic glue-on nails once in a while…

Today we have an honorable mention: Bender told us what he thought about this whole iPhone thing. Agreed.

ALL this chater over a phone… Get Real… as BENDER would say, lets go and get stinking drunk and pick up some hookers.

And now for todays CrunchDunce, MIKE tried really hard to be funny but unfortunately for him he failed miserably. Although there were other finalists for the award his feeble attempt kinda sealed the deal for us. Try harder next time?

My IPHONE is sooooooo COOOOOOOLLLL. Until it actually works like they say, I can clean my A$$ with it!!!!! Yes! Mobile toilet paper!!! Priceless….

Thanks guys keep up the good work! Tune in tomorrow for another exciting T.B.C.E.