Monsoon HAVA Gold, Platinum Hit Retail

HAVA Platinum HD

Monsoon’s HAVA Gold and HAVA Platinum full-featured video streaming devices are now available through Fry’s Electronics, and other select retailers nationwide. The boxes allow you to view and control your live TV feed from anywhere through a broadband-connected PC or mobile phone (think Slingbox). The HAVA Gold retails for $129.99 while Platinum HD is $159.99. Full features listed after the jump.

Monsoon HAVA Gold and Platinum HD Features:
– View and control live TV on PCs connected to the home network or from anywhere in the world using a broadband-connected PC or mobile phone.
– Connects to any TV source including Cable, Satellite, DVD, TiVo and Camcorders
– Multicast video to multiple PCs simultaneously
– Windows XP Media Center Edition integration – appears as an installed TV-tuner card (HAVA Platinum HD only)
– Enables TiVo-like functionality on the PC. Users can record, store, pause, rewind and fast forward stored video (HAVA Platinum HD Only)
– Schedule and record programs for later viewing (HAVA Platinum HD only)
– Allows burning of stored material to DVD (HAVA Platinum HD only)
– All inputs include a pass through connector, eliminating the use of splitters when connecting HAVA to home video equipment
– Streams video at an average of 6 Mbps directly to PCs in home network in MPEG-2 full D1, full screen at 720 x 480 pixels
– Component Input and support for native 16:9 display ratio – “HD capable” (HAVA Platinum HD only)
Platinum HD