Great Outdoors: Have Video, Will Travel

Why are you watching videos again?

Summer is currently in full effect. It’s hot as hell outside, the sky is beautiful, the water is warm – you need to get out there. So bring your family or some good buddies and hit the trails, slope, or beaches. Find something to do. Just remember to be equipped with the best video gear possible. Because between the 14-hour car ride to your destination and Bob falling into a patch of poison ivy, you’ll want the memories to last forever.

First things first. You’re embarking on a trip. I emphasize the word trip because you’ll be sitting in a seat of some sort for quite a while. On your way to your destination, no matter how you travel, you’ll want to pack lightly. Over-packing will surely cause extreme discomfort and video won’t even matter. So for the way there, I’d recommend brining an iPod. For $249, you can score a 30GB iPod that can hold music, photos, and video to keep you entertained. You can purchase your favorite TV shows off of the iTunes Music Store as well, so you can stay entertained with shows like Scrubs for your entire journey. We’d mention another i-related device, but we’re sick of it.

Dell’s XPS m1330

If the iPod’s screen is too small for your liking and you want more storage and video options, check out Dell’s XPS M1330 laptop. Just released, it only weighs 4 pounds and has a super-small design. It still has room for an optical drive so you can watch your DVDs easily on a really nice display. Plus, you can always pirate some movies to take with you on the go.

iRiver’s Clix 2 Plays Videos and Music

So now you get to your vacation spot. Wonderful, only it’s raining. How are you going to stay occupied in an airport for the next three hours? I’ll tell you how, the Clix 2 from iRiver. Found for as low as $170 online, this relatively unknown (in the US at least) video player packs some serious power. A beautiful, crisp 2.2-inch screen displays movies in multiple formats. You can also load up your music or photos to keep busy as well. With USB 2.0 and extended battery life, this will keep you busy for plenty of hours in any situation.

Canon’s TX1 combines a digital camera and HD camcorder into one device

Alright, so maybe it didn’t rain. You’ve made your way to the campsite or beach-house you rented and the party has already started. Pictures are great, but you want to actively capture the moment with video, right? You have to check out the Canon TX1. It’s a 7.1-megapixel digital camera that handles like a video camera. It also shoots HD video as well with sound, which is amazing for a camera that only costs $500 and takes great photos as well. This is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen in awhile and anyone serious about making a DVD out of their trip will want to give the TX1 a whirl.

Having all this gear is fantastic I’m sure, but digital cameras and video players need storage to function. Since you have the money for a trip, why not go all out when it comes to your memory cards? After all, you do need to overcompensate for the time that bully took your lunch money in elementary school. Your past aside, check out SanDisk for your SD card needs. The SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus series not only come with fast read/write speeds, they also include a built-in USB port right on the card so you can hook it up to your computer in dire times. Plus, it means one less thing to pack if your existing laptop doesn’t have a card reader. Sizes available for the Ultra II SD Plus series include 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB only.

With all your needs met, it’s finally time to let loose and have a fun time. Capture your favorite moments on ones and zeros forever, making sure to emphasize the prank you’re about to pull on your friends. This is your vacation so make sure to make the best of it. When you’re all done, you’ll have plenty of unpacking to do. Plus, your video journey isn’t over yet!

Hate to break it to you, but your wife is going to want a DVD to share with her friends. If you want to easily create a DVD of videos and photos from your trip, consider trying out an iMac. It’s an all-in-one computer with a DVD burner and easy-to-use editing software. With almost no experience on a computer, you can still edit a movie and burn it to a DVD to watch next year.

Speaking of next year, when you decide to drive instead of flying, you could watch that special DVD you made on the go. For only 100 clams, bucks, or whatever ya call ’em, you can scoop up an Audiovox D17 Portable DVD player from Amazon. It’s cheap, lightweight, and will get the job done. It even comes with two sets of headphones so you and a friend can watch Predator while reciting all of Carl Weathers’ lines.

Predator would look dandy on this display

Vacations and trips are supposed to be about fun. So when you find yourself on a long flight or car ride, just remember that there are plenty of gadgets out there to help get you through the tough times. Go blow $20 on a season of Arrested Development and watch it on your laptop or iPod. By the time you finish a few episodes, you’ll be halfway to your destination, ready to enjoy the Summer.

If you’re interested in buying any of the items I mentioned above, check out these links I found:

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