Belkin iPhone Accessories Now Available

Belkin just launched their first wave of iPhone accessories in the form of a slim-fit case, an acrylic case, an armband, and a headphone adapter.

Belkin iPhone Accessories

The Slim-Fit is made of black leather and features a belt clip. It’s perfect for people who are cool enough to own an iPhone, but don’t want to look cool at all. I’ll set you back $29.99.

The acrylic case provides less protection/more style with full access to the iPhone ports, buttons, and screen. The belt clip doubles as a “video-viewing stand.” It’s also $29.99.

The sport armband enables quick access to joggers who want to wipe their fat, sweaty fingers all over the face of their shiny, new iPhone. Show everyone at the gym that you mean business (if your business is douchebaggery) by wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s, you guessed it, $29.99.

The headphone adapter cost $10.95 and is one of the biggest scams of the cell phone industry. Might as well bend over and buy one if you haven’t already. Apparently, it’s impossible to fit a standard-size headphone jack into 99 percent of cellphones and PDAs.

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