Shuttle XPC Glamor Series SG33G5 Barebones With HDMI

sg33g5_07.jpgItching to build yourself a little Vista home-theater PC, but were holding out for an integrated HDMI port? Announced at Computex Taipei 2007, the $360 Shuttle XPC Glamor Series SG33G5 should satisfy your needs. Inside the shiny black case sits a motherboard based on Intel’s G33 Express chipse and offers “top quality, highly efficient components for enhanced system reliability, high definition entertainment with HDMI, Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect, and exceptional overclocking abilities.”

On back you’ll find four USB 2.0, FireWire 400 and eSATA ports, along with audio jacks, both digital and optical and the aforementioned HDMI as well as a VGA-out for video. There are two full-height card slots, too — one PCI, one x16 PCIe. The proprietary power supply is just 250 watts, however, so don’t expect to go jamming a power-hungry graphics card in there. Pictures of the motherboard and backside are after the jump along with tech specs. Oh, and if you don’t feel like building your own you’ll be able to custom configure your own G5 3300 as a full system starting July 15.

Shuttle XPC Glamor Series SG33G5

* Intel G33 Express / ICH9DH

* Supports Intel® Core[TM] 2 Quad, Core[TM] 2 Duo E6000/E4000 Series, Pentium Dual-Core E2000 Series, Celeron 400 Series with 775 socket, FSB 1333

* Max. 4 GB Dual Channel DDR2 800 (OC to 1066 MHz)

* 1x PCI-E X16, 1x PCI

* Gigabit LAN

* 2x Firewire, 6x USB 2.0

* 3x SATA2, 2x eSATA

* 8-channel audio wtih Dolby® Digital Live! and DTS® Connect

* DX9 ready Intel GMA3100 graphics with HDMI incl. HDCP

* 250-Watt power supply

* 310(L) x 200(W) x 185(H) mm