Tivoli Audio NetWorks Go Prototype

A l33t tipster just sent us a note about the Tivoli Audio NetWorks Go, some sort of portable Internet radio that seems to support FM and streaming WiFi. It looks pretty slick, especially knowing it comes from Tivoli, the folks who make radios look like art. She reports:

the little black one I sent you is a prototype of the Tivoli Audio NetWorks Go
portable, rechargeable radio–gets about 10 hours of battery life.
stream music from your PC or Mac
WMA, MP3 or Real Audio files
FM and FM Radio Data
w/ manual and auto seek tuning
receives more than 10,000 Internet radio stations

UPDATE: If you’re interested in more details on this and the table-top model that was apparently also announced, check out this post on CNET’s Crave blog.