YouTube Live On Apple TV, Coming Soon To iPhone

You’ll be able to view similar Van Halen vids on the iPhone

You knew YouTube was on its way to the Apple TV and now Apple has made it official. Users can download a software update that will add YouTube to the available list of programming. You’ll be able to view and browse YouTube videos and can login to your account to view your favorites.

Also announced today, YouTube will be coming to the iPhone on June 29. Believe it or not, it’s not one of those lame “Web 2.0” iPhone applications Apple told everyone to go build. The standalone application, which was designed by Apple, will let users browse and view specially encoded H.264 YouTube videos, allowing for better quality video and playback. Let’s hope we don’t get the shaft with content though, as I’d hate to have to watch clips of CSI over and over until my eyes bleed.

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