Samsung's Sexy Hybrid Hard Drive

hybridhdd_lg.jpgNo, this hybrid hard drive isn’t actually sexy (though it is topless) and it is difficult to get excited about hard drives in general. But, since Samsung’s still an underdog in the category, the company’s doing its best to innovate the space instead of just cranking out larger sizes (though it did that, too). The 2.5-inch MH80 notebook hard drives feature 256MB of integrated flash memory to help you boot faster (though only about 10 seconds faster), wake from hibernation mode faster and get up to 25 percent more battery life for your laptop (though that’s compared to Samsung’s own M80 HDDs).

If you’re itching to see the improvements for yourself, the drives — available in 80GB, 120GB and 160GB sizes — are currently available from CMS and in July from SimpleTech.
The hybrid fun won’t stop here, of course. Samsung’s roadmap includes drives with larger amounts of flash memory as well as larger hard-disk capacities with higher flash-memory amounts.

PS: If you are really into PowerPoints about hard drives and flash memory, here’s a link to all of Samsung’s announcement presentations. Enjoy.