YouTube Releases Remixer, Mobile Site

Sammy the Cat VS The Mantis!

Big news for ‘Tube fans. Over the weekend, the world’s favorite video site released some cool features that are sure to please the masses. First up is the long-awaited version of YouTube mobile. No longer is Verizon the exclusive provider of YouTube videos, so anyone with a mobile phone can now enjoy the top videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, top videos are all you’re limited to as Google decided not to include searching, favorites, or anything else related to your account.

Also launched was a new web-application called Remixer from Adobe. Rather than allow you to mix awesome electro-house beats with clips of Rosie on The View, it’s actually a movie-editor for publishers. Although not extremely robust or powerful, you’ll at least be able to slice some things up, add text, and correct your movie if need be. A few other features, like Geotagging, were launched, but most are lackluster updates that won’t really get anyone excited.

Official Site [YouTube]