ESPN Gives It Another Swing

espnmobile.jpgESPN is taking another swing at the third screen, and the leading sports channel believes it is only a matter of time of “phone watching” becomes as common as phone calling. The New York Times today has a profile on ESPN’s latest move to the mobile space, including a look at new division that produces content specifically for the mobile platform.

Sports is a natural it seems for the mobile, and we have to agree with the Times’ take. It is easy enough to check scores, watch some replays and get recaps. And for sports fans this can mean going to the mobile site to view the content, or have quick updates and briefs sent directly to them via text messages.

ESPN is still rebounding from the failed launch of their own mobile phone service, but in the world of sports we know a comeback is never impossible.

Yes, the Screen Is Tiny, but the Plans Are Big
[NY Times]