MizPee: When You've Gotta Go

mizpee.jpgSometimes you’re outside, enjoying a nice day, and then you’ve just got to go to the bathroom. Where do you go? Those in the know at MizPee will tell you if you text 415-350-2290, or point your phone to www.mizpee.com. You can type in the address or the details of what block you’re on, and the site will return a list of all local toilets, with ratings on cleanliness. You can search for cleanliness, purchase requirements, handicap access, or diaper-changing stations.

Mixed in with the WC listings are special deals, like free coffee with any food order, just for flashing your phone with the coupon on the screen. And while you’re sipping your free coffee, you can submit tips, notes, questions or whatever comes to mind to “The Toilet Paper” page. The site’s user posted comments page. And don’t let the name fool you, boys are allowed on MizPee (now in Beta).

[Via Techie Diva]