For British Eyes Only: The O2 Cocoon

For our readers on the other side of the pond, we have some lovely news for you. Seems O2 has unveiled its latest music phone, the Cocoon. It’s a white clamshell with a “sleek and stylish” design, dedicated music buttons on the side, quad-band GSM with 3G, and 2GB of on-board memory. Sounds pretty luxurious so far.

But it gets better. O2 has included a microSD slot so you can upgrade your music library even further. There’s also Bluetooth and FM Radio for you feature-hungry freaks. Photographers will enjoy the 2-megapixel camera included as well. The Cocoon will be available to O2 customers for £129 or £299 if you do that pre-pay thang.

O2 unwraps Cocoon music phone [Reg Hardware]