Unlocked iPhones Being Prepped

Pure Mobile — don’t bother, the site is down — is claiming that they’ll have unlocked iPhone’s for sale, but I call complete BS on this. If the reports are true and only four million units are shipped, which equates to something like three iPhone’s per AT&T and Apple store, then Pure Mobile is doing some real heavy wheelin’ and dealin’ somewhere to ensure any non-AT&T user can get their hands on the Jesus phone. Both models are expected to be available and unlocked, but how Pure Mobile will get around the SIM restrictions hasn’t even been touched on.

Although, in their defense, there was no mention of an official date when the unlocked iPhones would be available. So, that could mean they will be available way, way down the road. Prices on the 4GB or 8GB models were also unavailable. Here’s the thing, Pure Mobile, don’t put your foot in your mouth until you have some solid proof.

Pure Mobile [via Electronista]