Welcome to the Best Commenter Ever where we, the staff, honor you, the readers by posting your antics every now and then for everyone to enjoy. Last time we saw the introduction of the coveted CrunchDunce award and this time another commenter has had the honor bestowed upon him.

We all know that Mac bashing is fun and that all the cool kids do it: Chuck earned the number one spot with his response to Safari for Windows.

Safari is cool???? Explain to me why this is, I am using it right now and I don’t feel a bit cooler.

How deluded are Apple freaks to proclaim that a Windows Beta of Safari, which to me, seems less functional, buggy and dumbed down as compared to FireFox and IE, as cool. Puhleeeese, try to stay away from the Kool Aid for a day or two.

The second spot was filled by Jon

The reason I use firefox on my mac is draggable (for rearranging) tabs and bookmarks synchronization (through foxmarks) between all my computers (whether windows or mac).

I was excited when I fired up safari beta 3 on my windows box, thinking it would allow me to use .mac syncing…I really hope the final release has that ability. The draggable tabs is a good enhancement.

I also had some issues with javascript, but I didn’t spend any time on determining if that was a site’s fault for deciding my browser couldn’t support it or if it was safari’s fault. I did notice rendering times were a decent improvement over firefox though

The final spot goes to Mark whose short and sweet comment really summarized the events of the week.

‘at least I got chicken’

And the winner of the legendary CrunchDunce award is Brian for calling Matt Hickey out on hoarding all the iPhones for himself. For shame Matt. (unless there was one for me)

You idiot, you’re just trying to get one for yourself. “Don’t line up” How else do you expect to get the limited supplies?