TeleNav Adds A Bit O' Social Networking To Its Service

With all the Apple happenings, or lack thereof, it’s probably not the best day to launch a new version of a mobile-device app, but not everyone’s world revolves around Apple. TeleNav today launched its latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator (v. 5.2), which adds some cool social-networking tools that take advantage of both the platform (your cell phone) and TeleNav’s service (GPS). Available immediately, subscribers can now send their current location to any other mobile phone that can receive text messages, creating a quick and easy way to meet with friends, family or co-workers while you’re out and about.

You can also share locations of favorite businesses, including restaurants, hotels or movie theaters. Found yourself a cheap gas station? Let everyone know with the Fuel Finder feature. Other new tools include reviews and ratings for nearby businesses and the ability to rate restaurants directly from a mobile phone.

The new version of TeleNav GPS Navigator (v. 5.2) is available immediately on select phones from all the major carriers. Check the company’s site for full details on all the features you get and on what phones you can get it. Then, check back to CG next week as we’ll be giving away 3 months of free service along with one of TeleNav’s Bluetooth GPS units to a couple lucky readers.