Contest: End The Scourge of Pater Obsoletis, Win a 42-Inch TV

UPDATE: We’re now voting here for the winner. Please visit and vote!

Get out your Sally Struthers wigs, readers, because we’re going to end a major blight on our fair land: Pater Obsoletis. Pater Obsoletis is a wasting brain disease that encourages fathers, fathers to be, and men in general to own, purchase, and use devices which are vastly out of date. We want to bring this problem to the world’s attention by creating some public-service announcements.

What can you do to help? Create a 2 minute video explaining the plight of your local Pater Obsoletis afflicted male: Who is he? What does he still use? How old is his cellphone? Upload it to a video sharing service with a the tag “OBSOLETIS” and send us a link to it at contest at crunchgear dot com. This doesn’t have to be your father, specifically, just an example of a man caught hopelessly in the past. Remember — we’re trying to help these poor souls, not laugh at them. Be kind, gentle, and understanding.

What can you win? How about a Hitachi 42-inch Plasma HDTV. Obsolete no longer, pater!

That’s right. The good folks at Hitachi have donated a brand new P42H401 plasma television to the fight against PO, shipped just in time for Father’s Day. Kickass, non? Here’s a little about the TV.


Hitachi’s more than 50 years of TV experience, manufacturing and image refinement come together in the 42″ HD1080 Plasma HDTV. Hitachi uses proprietary technology to redefine High Definition, providing outstanding picture quality regardless of input type or resolution format. It’s sleek cosmetic design and slim bottom speaker help the 42″ panel stand out for style as well as picture quality. Hitachi’s P42H401 utilizes unique HD1080 resolution, which has 1,000 lines of resolution at a similar value to panels with 720p resolution. The Hitachi 42″ HD1080 Plasma HDTV is Accessible Luxury.

So what are the rules? You have until NEXT WEDNESDAY, June 13 at NOON EST, to submit video. It must be under 2 minutes long and must mention “Pater Obsoletis” in order to ensure you’re not just using your junior-year video project from 2001. You don’t have to use a fancy camera — a webcam will do — but creativity and cool are key.

We will post the finalists on June 13 and we will all vote until 5 PM EST June 15 in hopes of getting the TV out by that weekend to the lucky winner.

To recap: Make a 2-minute video. Upload it to YouTube or Revver or whatever with the tag “OBSOLETIS” and send us a link. Wait. Vote. Get free TV.

Special thanks to Hitachi for working with us on this AMAZING contest. Good luck and thank you for your support in helping wipe out this horrible disease.