Turtle Beach Launches Revolutionary Surround-sound Headphones


Are you ready for a revolution? Well, are you? Turtle Beach is bringing it full force with the Ear Force AK-R8 and its goal is to be at the top of the PC gaming headphone heap. The headset features a total of eight speakers and dual sub-woofers, all professional grade and perfectly tuned for serious gamers. The USB-powered juggernaut offers true surround sound and that ain’t no joke playa.

A bevy of other features make the AK-R8s the must-have headphones for serious gamers. Not only do they offer ambient effects, but you can also hear what’s going on around you while they’re on. A removable boom microphone can be adjusted to your exact needs and the 10-band, six-channel EQ isn’t shabby, either. All in all this seems to be the perfect setup that also includes 5.1 or 7.1 analog and digital outputs. Pick up a pair now for only $149.95.

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