Beerbot: It Totally Does What You Want Done Most

Beer rules. You drink it and chicks become hotter, your wallet empties, and everyone has a good time. But when you add a robot into the mix, you know every party featuring this robot will be a good one. Hence why Beerbot is totally worth the $799 it costs. Made in Japan, this little guy keeps a few cold ones inside his tummy. When you get thirsty, he’ll grab one and will open it for you, saving your energy for more important things.

One problem though: it costs $800. Not only could you buy a ton of beer with that cash, but you know you’ll end up breaking the Beerbot five weeks after you get it. One too many cans of Beast Ice, a baseball bat, you know how the rest goes.

Asahi Robocco BeerBot opens cans [Ubergizmo]