Skype Thinks Phones that Can't Run Skype Are Bad


USA Today is running a little piece about how Skype is totally Pee Oooed about how some carriers won’t let phone owners run outside applications on their handsets. They were so angry, in fact, they wrote a sternly worded letter to the FCC about it and they intend to take this all the way to … zzzzzz… what? Oh, sorry.

Essentially Skype is pissed that Verizon won’t let people run third-party apps on their phones. Skype is one of those selfsame banned apps and, because most carriers are insane — Verizon being the insanest — and don’t want anyone to do anything, Skype is getting locked out of many Wi-Fi-enabled handsets and, generally, a new market.

ANYWAY, that’s the story. Big poots.

Skype: ‘Locked’ phones unfair [USA Today]