Weewar For the Weekend

I just came across Weewar, an online war game that combines elements of risk and other strategy games. It’s fairly simple pixel art, but they’ve gained an extremely loyal following during their beta period.

Like Kdice (which I am playing right now while writing this), Desktop Tower Defense and other games we’ve covered, Weewar is is a highly addictive game. You’ll quickly get sucked into playing for hours at a time against other human opponents.

This is a turn based game. Any player can start a game, first by choosing from a number of terrains and then inviting other players. You take over factories and set them to produce more armies, tanks, etc., which then move on to take over yet more factories or battle other players. Not everyone has to be around at the same time to play the game. You have your turn, and then the next player is notified by email that it is their turn.

The game is still in private beta – their blog indicates that they’ve had multiple server crashes and slowdowns from too many players at once. Sign up here to get into the beta.