Ad-Funded Mobile the Future?

EUflag.jpgAre ads going to pay for mobile content? That’s the analysis coming from Red Orbit, which reports that the UK mobile network market has taken its first fully-fledged steps towards the ad-funded model. And other European carriers, such as Blyk, a pan-European network, will soon offer free mobile phone calls and text messaging services for free in return for accepting advertising on handsets. This business model is being aimed at the 16 to 24-year old market, one that has less disposable income for making calls, but one that still tends to gab it up considerably. According to Red Orbit, Blyk will work closely with advertisers to pioneer more creative ads, and further track these ads in real time to allow the advertisers to view and adjust their ads accordingly.

Ad-Funding Looms for Mobile Realm [Red Orbit]