Liveblogging Palm's Foleo Webcast

We’re learning a few new things about the Foleo as we watch the webcast, and we’re relaying them here live.

11:35 | 2.5 pounds with a full sized keyboard, full QWERTY

11:40 | Special buttons for messaging, so on. Probably mappable.

11:42 | Mail boxes sync up

11:43 | No touch screen here, it’s got a clickwheel.

11:45 | Features DataViz’s Documents-2-Go for Office doc editing. Includes attachment support

11:47 | Office docs have linking supported, launches Opera browser. No word on which version.

11:48 | Has a photo viewer. No, really, photos!

11:50 | Lots of rebuffering, but it’s got a headphone jack.

11:52 | Works with smartphones other than Treo, still in development.

11:52 | $499 after rebate, available at some vague point in the near future. Thanks, Jeff!

11:53 | Has proximity sensor, won’t turn on if your smartphone isn’t around.

11:54 | Open programming environment.

11:55 | Q&A, I’ll give you the answers. Works now with most Windows Mobile smartphones.

11:58 | Flash RAM based. Uses SD cards, no word on built-in RAM.

12:00 | Hawkins: “It’s not a laptop. Don’t call it a laptop. It’s not a laptop.” Henceforth, I will call it a “kneetop”.

12:04 | Impressed with the Opera browser. Video playback, but it’s not great.

12:06 | SDK will launch with the device. Yippie.

12:09 | Nothing else big, and that’s a wrap. Now it’s time for my CrunchLunch.