Video Gamer A True Hero

No matter what the occasion, anyone who is a hero deserves an honor. So it makes sense that one should be given to Adam Mapleson, a 24-year-old IT consultant who lives across the pond. When Mapleson saw a woman security guard being robbed at gunpoint by two men, he sprang into action and tackled the two robbers. In the process, Adam was shot in the chest.

Clinging to life, he was discovered near a rail station and was brought to a hospital in near-death condition. But being the hero that Adam is, he fought for life and his condition is now improving. Apparently, some tabloids over in the UK are calling Adam “dangerous” because his MySpace page reveals he loves games (mostly FPS) and black metal. Just because the dude plays shoot-em-up video games doesn’t mean he’s a threat. I mean the dude got shot for cryin’ out loud. He’s a hero, no doubt about it. I believe Adam should receive a medal and a free Xbox 360 for his bravery.

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