Napster and Motorola Enter Agreement

napster.jpgAre we seeing an effort from Motorola to take on the upcoming iPhone? The Napster on demand music subscription service will soon be heading to mobile phones according to The site is reporting that Napster and Motorola have announced a marketing agreement that will provide easy access to Napster’s music library and other content through Motorola’s line of portable subscription-enabled devices. The two companies are developing promotional efforts for North America, the UK and Germany to provide the Napster music experience for a range of Motorola music-enable handsets, including the ROKR Z6 and Z6m phones.

The first phase of this marketing agreement, reports, is to provide Motorola phone owners with a free month of the Napster to Go subscription service. This will be available as in-box and aftermarket promotions, via retail and through the carriers in the US and Europe. Napster to Go is compatible with Motorola handsets that feature the Windows Media DRM, and this promotion is expected to launch in the second half of this year.

Napster and Motorola Enter Unique Marketing Agreement for the US, UK and German Markets []