Intel's Metro Notebook Concept Shows Us How It's Done


Intel is teasing us with this super-mega sexy notebook that doesn’t actually exist. The Metro Notebook, as it’s called, has styling similar to the clean, square lines of Apple’s MacBook series, but this guy is made to run Windows. Besides looking good, it’s thin. Like Cokehead Kate Moss thin, roughly the same width closed as your RAZR. Nice.

But it doesn’t skimp. This concept piece is made to handle the super-efficient procs Intel’s got coming in the near future, and has almost any kind of connectivity you’d care to mention. In addition, it’s got its own magnetically-connected SideShow bag and strap, so you’ve got less bulk just carrying it around. Sweet.

It doesn’t exist yet, and if it ever does, it’ll cost a pretty penny. But as a conceptual piece, it’s meant to influence the real manufacturers of laptops that use Intel chipsets. So while this particular notebook will most likely never appear on shelves, notebooks inspired by it should, and that’s fantastic by us.

World’s Thinnest Notebook [Business Week, via Slashgear]