Former Disney CEO Sees Minute and a Half Programming

Thumb_michael_d_eisner.jpgCan you spare about 90-seconds to watch something on mobile phone? If so former Disney CEO Michael Eisner might just have something to fill that minute and a half. mocoNews is reporting that Eisner’s new company Yuguru has plans to create a new series, titled Prom Queen, which would be delivered over some online video stores and via Verizon’s Vcast service. Speaking at Sign On San Diego, Eisner described these episodes as “sort of halfway between radio and video,” essentially meaning that the third screen format will mean lots of close-ups and an emphasis on dialog. If this format takes off Eisner sees expanding the content to seven-minute episodes, which almost seems like an epic compared to the 90 second versions.

Eisner On 90-Sec Episodes [mocoNews]