Age of Empires III: Big in Japan?

aoe.jpgAge of Empires III is going to Asia, with a new expansion to be released this fall. Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is the popular real-time strategy game’s second expansion pack (and this is actually the first time an Age of Empires game has gotten a second expansion). This add-on also marks another first, namely the first time another developer beside Ensemble Studios is working on an AoE product. Big Huge Games, the developer of the equally popular Rise of Nations franchise, is taking the helm with the add-on pack, which as the name suggests will focus on the exploration and eventual conquest of the Far East.

The Asian Dynasties will feature the introduction of playable Asian civilizations, new maps, 15 new Asian “wonders” along with new ways of winning and trading. The expansion pack will be available this fall from Microsoft Game Studios for the PC.