Rumor and Innuendo: XM Losing 20K Subscriptions Per Day in Clash With Opie & Anthony Fans


Hell hath no fury like the Opie & Anthony pests scorned. Rumors, utter utter rumors, suggest that between 19,000 and 38,000 subscriptions were canceled as of yesterday in response to the radio duo’s suspension. That works out to about 20,000 subs killed for each of the past two days. Add that to the many XM units still being destroyed and XM certainly must be feeling the heat as a result of punishing the duo.

The Los Angeles Times, an honest to God real newspaper, reports that fans are pretty damn livid. Maybe XM shouldn’t have advertised the channel as “uncut, uncensored and totally filthy.”

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Listeners shocked by XM hosts’ suspension [Los Angeles Times]