Nimzy Vibro Max, Not What You Think


No, the Nimzy Vibro Max is not another sex toy, it’s way cooler than that. At first glance it appears to be a harmless box, but once you set it atop a flat surface it transforms that object into a speaker. Like whoa! The Nimzy uses an ‘advanced patented electro acoustic technology’ that sends out audio vibrations onto surfaces like wood, plastic or glass to produce crystal clear sound. *cough, BS, cough* The cute little cube has an integrated digital amplifier, volume control and an on/off switch. You can also plug your CD player, laptop, MP3 player and send some tunes out for the rest of your cubicle area to hear. The included remote control adjusts bass, treble and volume. All this can be yours for only $160.

Product Page [via Ministry of Tech]