Echo Translator Helps You Pick Up The Local Hotties


I love traveling to other countries but what if I can’t figure out how to say “water sports” in Dutch? Next question: Does anyone travel without their phone anymore? I didn’t think so. I could have used Echo while in Italy or even Puerto Rico. The Echo Translator is a talking translator and phrase builder that is loaded onto your mobile phone or handheld device.

Carrying around a phrase book is usually a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist and that tends to draw unwanted attention, but when you’re on your phone no one’s the wiser. Echo utilizes their proprietary Phraselogic technology that allows the user to input words and/or phrases and then it magically spits out a coherent sentence. It currently translates into 25 languages and is available for trial on Java-enabled handsets and WinMo devices. Anything to make us even more lazy and uncultured is fine by me!

Product Page [via Tech UK]