Nokia Announces Bevvy of Beauties For Emerging Markets

Nokia has brought out the big guns, well, I guess in this case it’s the small guns for the emerging market that is…India?! First up is the clamshell 2660 with dual screens. The 2660 features GPRS, Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 ring tones, an integrated hands free speaker and a 500-entry phonebook. This, too, can all be yours for a mere $115 Q2. There is a lot more so keep going!

The 1650 isn’t much to look at, but it does support up to 75 local languages, has a flashlight (!!!), FM radio and MP3-like ringtones. An interesting feature of the 1650 will cut your phone calls of, so you save money and minutes. That’s what young kids need these days. Not too shabby for a $75 phone. This will also be available some time this quarter.

The next two are super boring, so just bear with me and we’ll get through this together. The Nokia 1200 and Nokia 1208 are low end handsets aimed at families who not be able afford a phone for everyone. They also come equipped with flashlights, localized languages, a teaching mode that ensures Grandma won’t be calling China, and a seamless keypad that won’t let any dust or shmootz into the phone. The 1200 takes it back to the 90’s with a monochrome screen, while the 1208 features a color VGA screen.

The 1200 will set you back about $50 and comes out some time this quarter. The 1208 will be available in Q3 for only $55.

If you’re easily excited by simple clamshells then the 2505 will be sure to fire you up, weirdo. The sleek CDMA handset includes the practical features one needs such as text messaging, speaker phone, calendar, a personalized voice reminder and an alarm clock. It also includes pre-loaded games, a 300 contact phonebook and 3 hours of talk time. No word on price, but I wouldn’t expect it to be that much and it’s set to launch this quarter.

And last but not least are the 2630 and 2760. The 2630 is a slim, 9.9mm, candy bar with a camera, Bluetooth, email, MMS, calendar, calculator, FM radio, and MP3 ringtones! It will be available Q3 for $115.

I’m sorry, dear readers, but our Nokia journey must come to an end. The 2760 will be the last for today and it includes a digital camera, Bluetooth, video recording, video playback, and an FM radio. This, too, will be available Q3 for $120.

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