Samsung Launches Symbian OS Smartphone

Samsung announced a new Symbian OS smartphone, the SGH-i400, today at the S60 summit in Madrid, Spain. Whoa, wait a minute. A smartphone that’s both slim and stylish? No way! The i400 is exactly that because it’s equipped with S60 which offers an all-embracing language support system, enhanced downloadable applications, and multitasking features to boot.

Samsung’s i400 is a smartphone aimed at young professionals. It has standard features like full web browsing, Bluetooth, 2-megapixel camera and MP3 playback specific buttons. It also includes a miniSD slot expandable up to 4GB. I guess a 2.3-inch wide screen is acceptable but who wants to peck away on a non-QWERTY keyboard? The i400 launches in Russia in July. Russia? WTF?!

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