DoCoMo Hopes You'll Wave Your Wand In Public

NTT DoCoMo is taking a design cue from Nintendo’s oh-so-very-popular Wii for the Japanese wireless giant’s newest phone. The D904i features motion-sensing technology for playing games on the handset. It will be joined by two other handsets in the hopes that people will want to look like a complete douche while on the subway. Other than motion-sensing games another cool new feature, 2in1, will be added to the flagship 9 series.

The 9 series phones support Chokkan Games, which use intuitive motions like tracing your finger or tilting the handset. What type of crazy ninja motion you will be doing is based on what games you download. What about 2in1? This would make any playboy’s life easier because you’ll have two numbers and two different emails on one handset. You can’t possibly get Shortie mixed up with your Baby Momma now. You can switch from one mode to another so you’ll never get caught!

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