Researchers Increase Download Speeds By 500 Percent


American researchers have come up with a way to increase file sharing speeds by up to 500 percent, blowing your “fast” BitTorrent speeds right out of the water. Rather than split a single file into several pieces like BitTorrent does, this new method scans a whole bunch of files and reassembles the data from there. For example, looking up your favorite Liz Phair song—”Divorce Song,” of course—will grab relevant meta data from all Liz Phair songs, thereby speeding up the download.

I typically max out my connection (right around 1MB/s) when downloading from certain BitTorrent trackers, so five times that speed is officially unnecessary, though wholly appreciated. Let’s see Rogers & Co. throttle that.

Speed boost plan for file-sharing [BBC News]

Image from P2P Blog