DiscEraser: One Swipe For Total CD/DVD Data Destruction

I recently had to destroy 200 CDs due to a mistake from a reproduction company and a file mix up. I ended up throwing the discs through a home shredder, which not only took forever, but is bad for the environment. (Doubly so, since my local recycler wouldn’t take the shredded bits, just whole discs and the dye used on the discs is a contaminant.) If only I had had the $12.99 DiscEraser.

The device couldn’t be more simple. You just open it up, pop the disc you want to destroy in, close it and drag the slider on top back and forth a couple times. In quite literally seconds all the data on the disc is made unreadable.

The DiscEraser doesn’t actually erase the data. Unlike scoring or scratching with a key or razor, the cuts made by the “scarifier” are much thicker and deeper, making all data unreadable and unrecoverable. Since it’s not shredding the discs, you can easily recycle them and there’s no danger of cutting yourself on sharp plastic fragments. And it’s small enough that you can just stash it in a desk drawer.