Anti-Piracy WinDVD Patch Looms

Pssst, hey, video pirate, come here. I got a tip for ya. See, it seems that Corel, maker of the InterVideo’s WinDVD software, is pushing a mandatory update for the program. They don’t like the fact that you’ve been using it to rip Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs and bypassing the AACS protection. They’re here to put an end to your game, see, and your vid-ripping ways.

And it’s not just an annoyance, no sir. If you don’t install the mandatory update, then WinDVD won’t play back any DVDs at all. None. Zero. Zilch. That means that Windows Media Centers that run the software will lose all video-DVD playback. That’s a lot of computers. We’re not saying it’s a good idea what Corel’s doing, pal, we’re just letting you know, despot-to-despot. I wouldn’t sweat it, though. We’re sure some ruffian out there will come up with a patch in no time.

Speaking of patches, pal, what happened to your eye? Don’t take this “pirate” thing too literally. See ya.

Corel updates WinDVD to stop AACS hackers [Ars Technica]