The Mystery of the Multiple Apple TVs


Holmes: Ah, Mr. Watson. Let us take a pipe of opium and discuss this matter, shall we?
Watson: Yes, Dear Mr. Holmes. Let’s.
H: Attention, then, please. We have here the page for the Airport Extreme Base Station. What do you see?
W: An overpriced 802.11n device?
H: You are an ignorant buffoon, Dear Mr. Watson, and your mother was a fishwife. To that end, we return to our examinations. This accessory comes in one type and the wording on the page uses a “single item” page design. Do you understand me so far?

W: Don’t pack that opium too tight, Mr. Holmes.
H: I certainly won’t. And now turn our attention to the Apple TV . The Apple TV uses the “Select an Apple TV” page design used by Apple when they have multiple models. This then suggests?
W: Come on, opium hog. Pass that shizz.
H: Mr. Watson, you’re bogarting.
W: Cough… sorry, Dear Chap. Is that basically the whole story?
H: Yes. Apple is planning multiple Apple TVs.
W: Zounds! I am certainly glad we live in an era without HDTV. I would be pissed if I already bought an Apple TV.
H: Indeed, Mr. Watson. Indeed. Shall we embrace?
W: Dude… we’re all about the post-Victorian innuendo. We can’t overtly explore our love.
H: Word.

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