Trap Gary Busey In Your TomTom

I change the main ringtone on my phone about once a week, so I can completely understand why someone would want to change out the voice that daily tells them to “turn left” on their GPS device. TomTom gets this and, while other companies offer multiple voice options for GPS voices, the company seems to be going out of its way to get unique voice talents, which now includes actor Gary Busey.

Yep, for just $12.95 you can have the voice of the man that nearly died of head injuries in a motorcycle accident in December 1988 guide you on your next trip to the mall. Oh and oddly enough, Busey starred in the 1983 film comedy “D.C. Cab” with Mr. T, who does a TomTom Navtone as well.

TomTom Navtones