Apple Drops FairPlay DRM

independent artists and consumers to offer unprotected music files over the Internet. Even more of a shocker is that the Beatles’ entire catalog will be the first DRM-free offerings when the new policy starts tomorrow.

On stage at the annual North By Northeast (NXNE) festival, Steve Jobs shrugged his shoulders dramatically as he began his keynote. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, “it’s time for us to start a revolution. I guess.” He seemed as surprised as the audience, which erupted into gasps and whispering. On the giant screen behind Jobs the words “FairPlay R.I.P.” appeared next to a mock headstone symbolically adorned with fragments compact discs.

After he concluded his brief speech Jobs began to walk off stage, but he came back to the podium to give one final message: “Don’t steal music.” The laughter among the attendees drowned out any further comments from Jobs, though one professional lip reader in the audience speculates he said “Suck it, Gates.”